Network cameras increase feeling of safety in the city of Boom

Boom installs Axis cameras to solve crime and act as a deterrent

“The security cameras on and around the market square in Boom town center have greatly increased the chances of catching offenders. Offenders now think twice, and for lawabiding citizens it is once again pleasant to linger in the town center.” Jeroen Baert, Mayor of Boom.


When it came into office in 2012, one of Boom Town Council’s priorities was to improve security and the accompanying feeling of safety in and around the town center. This included the installation of security cameras at strategic locations.


The Boom town council opted for a combination of Axis cameras linked together in a network.


Thanks to these security cameras, not only has the feeling of safety increased significantly but the cameras have also helped solve some petty crimes. And last but not least, potential offenders or troublemakers are aware of the presence of the cameras, and that has a strong deterrent effect.

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