Live broadcast from Rock for People

Axis IP cameras provide broadcasting services at one of the biggest rock festivals in the Czech Republic

“Live broadcasts from the festival using the NetRex system were a pleasant surprise for us. The CamStreamer application and other NetRex services opened up a new dimension for this, and possibly also for subsequent years of the festival.” Oldřich Bajer, organizer of the Rock for People festival.


It is not necessary to introduce the Rock for People festival to fans of this music genre. The 20th anniversary, again held at the former military airport in Hradec Králové, offered nearly 200 music performances and attracted an unbelievable 27,000 visitors. However, it is very demanding for the organizers to hold such an event. Besides the technical and security aspects, it is necessary to provide the visitors and media with new, novel ways of entertainment and presentation.


The organizers decided to utilize the capabilities of Axis IP cameras and the NetRex mobile surveillance solution. This combination of leased technologies has proven very competent in practice. A total of 9 NetRex systems were installed on the premises, which monitored entrance gates, open spaces and fan crowds below individual stages. The mobile sets were mostly equipped with AXIS P1354-E Network Cameras. Even a thermal AXIS Q1922-E Network Camera and a wide-angle AXIS M3027-PVE were available. The CamStreamer application developed by NetRex, uploaded directly to all cameras, provided impressive live broadcasts to YouTube and a NetRex central hosted system platform managed reliable storage of the high quality recording. An AXIS P3363-V Network Camera in VOX POPULI mode was also installed. This camera, featuring an LED button and sophisticated software, enabled visitors to record video messages for other people, which were automatically transferred to the organizer’s YouTube channel in no time.


The installed cameras allowed online activities in the area to be viewed from a central site. Stored recordings were available not only for resolving possible security incidents, but will also serve to promote next year’s event. For example, some impressive time-lapse videos of stage construction and the course of the festival are available. Live broadcasts through YouTube made it possible for the general public to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the festival. And the VOX POPULI camera? That was true viral marketing in practice.

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