Intelligent video surveillance for Hilton Kiev hotel

Multifunctional IP surveillance system from Axis Communications and Milestone Systems ensures highest quality services and security

“As we operate as part of widely known hotel network brand, we make a great effort to offer our visitors only highest quality services, and that also assumes a highest safety in any area of the hotel or adjacent territory. When looking for video surveillance cameras, we selected Axis Communications as the company holds a leading position in the global market and offers the most advanced and intelligent equipment.” Anatolii Lomachevskyi, security manager Hilton Kiev.


When it comes to the hotel industry, CCTV systems play an important role in ensuring visitors and personnel safety. They provide 24/7 video surveillance for all the necessary areas of the hotel and adjacent areas, thus offering better control over business processes, and enabling quality evaluation of services and, if necessary, investigation of emergency situations. The customer required the integrator to provide Hilton Kiev hotel with an intelligent digital video surveillance system capable of ensuring high image quality and flexible control capabilities.


Setevoy Standart proposed Axis IP cameras as the preferred solution to meet hotel-specific business processes and high design requirements for the equipment. With a wide range of camera options, ideal camera models were selected for each area of the hotel to meet specific requirements in regards to the camera location, installation method, effective field of view and camera appearance.


The highly experienced and professional specialists of Setevoy Standart, boosted by the powerful potential of Axis Communications and Milestone Systems as world leaders, made it possible to offer the customer not only the most intelligent and reliable video surveillance system, but also an integration platform that can be further expanded with intelligent applications such as license plate recognition and video analytics. The main advantage is that the system can guarantee the highest safety and security for hotel visitors and offer a “big picture” for the hotel staff.

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