Busan Customs relies on high definition to safeguard customs clearance process

Major upgrade from analog to HDTV Axis network camera system greatly enhances customs surveillance efficiency

“We realized that Axis network cameras were the best option for us because of their easy integration into the existing system and powerful and easy-to-use HDTV-level system. All of us are benefiting from the Axis camera’s clear image quality night and day and image incorporation for enhanced control; as a result, we can simplify the clearance procedure and control the transport of dangerous items.“ Busan Main Customs representative.


For 127 years since its establishment, Busan Main Customs, as Korea’s largest port customs, has contributed greatly to the national economy as well as to public security by upholding fair trade and protecting public health in support of Korea’s journey toward becoming an advanced trader. Busan Customs has made worldclass customs administration its objective and focused on on-site support and local economy promotion. Therefore, it is crucial for Busan Customs to be able to facilitate imports and exports both quickly and conveniently for users and weed out illegal or dangerous items including smuggled goods, drugs, and terror items so as to guard the country’s economic borders. The conventional analog CCTV system limited the customs work process due to its obscure and unclear image quality. In particular, integrating or connecting surveillance videos was either limited or impossible, thereby creating a lot of restrictions as to what personnel could do.


Busan Customs required a system rendering higher imagequality and performance for higher work accuracy and speed and enabling digital integration. With new container piers opening, additional monitoring equipment was required to facilitate video surveillance. More specifically, a high-performing camera system was needed for high-quality remote monitoring not only in daytime but also at nighttime when lighting is limited. Accordingly, Busan Customs established a monitoring room in the surveillance office and installed Axis’ highdefinition, HDTV-level network cameras for remote monitoring at the end of the pier and lamp equipment. Axis network cameras were the best solution for Busan Customs since it required a system that incorporated high-definition network cameras and central control thereof as well as a clear view even during nighttime.


Busan Customs installed Axis high-definition network cameras including AXIS P5534 and AXIS M1011. As a result, it gets clear and accurate images which enhance work accuracy and streamline the work process with limited resources. In particular, clear and complete monitoring videos of HDTV quality are obtained not only during daytime but also at nighttime when lighting is limited to ensure a fast and effective work process. Monitoring videos from the network can be associated with the monitoring situation room to eliminate the need for additional resources and time and reinforce monitoring work.

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