VU University Medical Center’s Neonatology Department introduces Baby Viewer

24 hour access to live images of your baby

“Because life at home does not stop, parents are not always able to visit their children every day. So for them the Baby Viewer is a huge added advantage. Now they can log on to the VU University Medical Center’s website whenever they please and view their baby via a secure Internet portal. They can also very easily show their child to their colleagues and other people in their lives, for example.“ Margot van Elburg, Neonatology Team Leader at the VU University Medical Center.


The VU University Medical Center has placed cameras over incubators to let parents see their child at any time they wish via the Internet.


The VU University Medical Center chose an IP-based camera, particularly because they are easy to use. As the newborns are mostly incubated in a darkened environment, the VU University Medical Center thought it important for the cameras to produce images of excellent quality under these conditions.


The VU University Medical Center is extremely satisfied with the Baby Viewers and believes them to be a great step forward for the parents and children involved with this department. The VU University Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) consists of two units situated on the eighth floor. It is a well-ordered department with the capacity to admit twenty newborns, fifteen in Intensive Care and five in High Care. VU University Medical Center’s NICU is one of 10 perinatal centers in the Netherlands. This department and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) work together to provide care to the regions North Holland and Flevoland. If other units do not have enough room, newborns from other regions are admitted here. The NICU is a unique nursing ward. It cares for newborns with complex and acute issues at birth. This is where their vital bodily functions are monitored, supported and, if needed, supplemented by machines. The infants are treated after a pregnancy term of 25 weeks or more.

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