Axis network cameras help University improve security

Integrated surveillance with security, fire and licence plate recognition systems increase efficiency at Czech University of Agriculture

“We highly appreciated the capabilities of Axis cameras while working under tough lighting and climatic conditions.” Libor Šup, head of the Department of Security at the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague.


Extensive investments in new constructions, growing numbers of students and new security criteria forced the Czech University of Agriculture to re-evaluate its requirements for security and current camera surveillance. Besides the installation of suitable cameras on new buildings and the replacement of end-of-life devices, the Department of Security at CUA also faced the challenge of unifying its formerly fragmented surveillance system.


The whole project conception was proposed by Integoo, s.r.o, which suggested implementing a surveillance system with the use of a central surveillance and security management site to manage the system. It was a gradual process of the integration of the various analog surveillance systems under unifying the Omnicast software platform and installation of IP cameras. The final project phase upgraded whole IP-surveillance system to its higher version security center together with a proposal for the gradual replacement of older cameras and expansion to new vulnerable locations. After several years of experience with cameras from other manufacturers, the university evaluated and compared image quality and used Axis network cameras for new installations and upgrading existing camera points.


The result of this was gaining control over all vulnerable locations at the university, including a general overview within the large campus area. Axis cameras from across the whole product portfolio were installed in new installation sites and used to replace end-of-life cameras. “You will find cameras from the simplest ones, such as AXIS 206, up to specialized solutions such as AXIS 221, AXIS 241S Video Encoder, AXIS M3025, AXIS P1427-LE, AXIS P3346, AXIS P5414E, or AXIS Q1614. The key criteria for selection was mainly image quality in highcontrast scenes during day or night, where we selected the Lightfinder technology in Axis cameras,“ explains Libor Šup, head of the Department of Security at the Czech University of Agriculture.

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