IP video delivers improved casino security

Megapixel HD cameras from Axis Communications allow for optimum security and total monitoring of gaming at Casino Gran Madrid Colón

“A casino environment places constant demands on a video surveillance system; however, some of the features of the cameras from Axis Communications, such as Lightfinder technology and megapixel HD resolution, deliver a level of image quality that’s substantially superior to what was possible with the cameras we were previously using.” Ángel Pérez Alcarria, Director of Security, Gran Madrid Group.


When opening a casino there are many factors fundamental to its success that must be considered: its location, the design and decor of the rooms, gaming options, personnel, and of course, its security measures. Gran Madrid – a pioneer in the Spanish casino gaming industry that opened its first casino in 1981 – was seeking the most advanced technologies available for all aspects of its business, and thus began a selection process to upgrade its new casino with the finest equipment available.


Sensorvideo, a business known for its experience in the casino industry and an Axis partner, was selected to implement the new casino’s security system. After an intensive six-month testing phase with video devices from nine manufacturers, Axis Communications was selected to provide the cameras after it was adjudged to offer the best performance at a reasonable price.


Casino Gran Madrid Colón is the first casino in Spain with a 100% IP video system in place. It consists of more than 260 cameras covering all aspects of security as well as those related to gaming monitoring. The new casino opened its doors in December, 2003, in the central business district of Madrid. With almost 11,000 square feet authorized for gaming, the facility offers an interesting mix of gambling and amenities (including a restaurant with a Michelin star chef). It is open 365 days a year and has a 1,400-person maximum capacity.

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