FAI Service’s Tracky Point gases up with Axis cameras

FAI Service’s new service area for trucks and cars chooses Axis Communications and TecnoWorld Group for customer and infrastructure security

“This new service area is extremely important for Cuneo’s inhabitants and for the Italian companies that will have a point of reference in northeast Italy for stopping and refueling their trucks. In addition to the simple parking lot, with this modern video surveillance system we are particularly satisfied in being able to ensure an adequate level of security for all our customers.” Paolo Monge, FAI Service IT Manager.


Tracky Point is a service area dedicated to large trucks, but open to everyone and offers benefits and discounts for car drivers. Located on the outskirts of Cuneo, in a strategic location near the A33 freeway Cuneo-Centro ramp, it was built by FAI Service, a company that provides road transport services and is well aware of the needs of this sector. To ensure the security of the companies and the people that use the numerous services of this area, from the parking lot to the truckers’ rest area and the refueling of trucks and cars, the company decided to install a modern video surveillance system, also capable of monitoring any vandalism.


The system is designed by TecnoWorld Group, an Axis partner, and enables close surveillance of the more sensitive areas with 13 latest-generation Axis outdoor cameras. The structure uses seven AXIS P3367-VE, three AXIS Q1765-LE, two AXIS P3364-LVE 6-mm Network Cameras and an AXIS P12 Series Network Camera, an extremely discreet miniaturized HDTV camera. The solution is completed by Milestone Xprotect® Professional recording software for remote image handling and display.


The system fully meets the end client’s requirements. The adopted solution ensures extremely reliable and comprehensive IP video surveillance due to the excellent image quality of Axis cameras, which ensure effective monitoring of the service area and the movements of users within the area, even in the potentially most hidden parts.

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