Safer gambling at Casino Odense with Axis network cameras

High quality cameras help secure a calmer environment

“We have to be able to trust that the system will always work, every day, year round. It’s about safety and security – and about money for us. Service and support have to function, and the system must be very reliable.” Rasmus Teilmann, Info-Connect.


Casino Odense is located in Odense, Denmark and is the only casino in the Southern Denmark region. New internal requirements meant that the casino needed to upgrade their existing analog camera system. Casino Odense needed an effective camera system with highquality cameras that had excellent image quality and could record detailed images, maintain a good overview of the premises, and handle complicated lighting conditions. Casino Odense also wanted to be able to more clearly see transactions at both the slot machines and the gaming tables to make it easier to resolve disputes, thus increasing comfort and security for employees and visitors alike.


IT installation company Info-Connect was contracted by Casino Odense to install a new camera system that was reliable, easy to install and adjust, and met the casino’s requirements. Casino Odense installed AXIS P1354 Network Cameras, AXIS P3354 Fixed Dome and AXIS P5534 PTZ Dome Network Cameras. A total of over 50 cameras were installed, along with software from Milestone Systems.


Casino Odense has acquired a safer and more secure environment for both staff and visitors. There has been a decrease in the number of discussions that arise at the gaming tables and lead to disputes and problems. Thanks to these positive results, Info-Connect, which is the only IT integrator in Denmark with government authorization for the installation of gaming tables at casinos, has received requests to install similar camera systems at other casinos in Denmark.

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