Axis network cameras support clinical sleep observations

Medical staff at the UZ Leuven Sleep Center assess patients’ conditions better during sleep with high resolution Axis cameras

“The new Axis cameras, with their higher resolution and better functionality, can make all the difference to the accuracy of the diagnosis. So they’re supporting the quality of research and the health of many patients.” Pascal Borzée, Senior Nurse at the Center for Sleep and Waking Disorders in UZ Leuven.


When the medical sleep-monitoring equipment was due for renewal, it was also time to renew the camera monitoring system. The medical staff were looking for higher resolution cameras that were easier to operate and provided images that were easier to scan through. Above all, the ICT department wanted cameras that could be integrated smoothly into the network.


The Sleep Center opted for AXIS P5534 Network Cameras in combination with Medatec polysomnographs with integral Axis control modules.


Thanks to the new cameras, the medical staff can assess the patient’s condition better during sleep, and adjust the image in real time if any anomalies are detected. During the day, when analyzing the biomedical data, it is easier to search through the stored images and archive the relevant image material. In addition, the software supplied ensures the necessary security and privacy.

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