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Northeast Arkansas Humane Society installs Axis small systems solution after break-in

"We were devastated by the loss of our pet food pantry. Having a security system and cameras in place will definitely deter people from trying this again.” Margaret Shepherd, Executive Director, Northeast Arkansas Humane Society.


The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society is an animal welfare organization that has been operating since 1971. The non-profit shelter operates many programs that benefit the local community, and it relies solely on donations, membership dues, and adoption fees. In 2013, the Humane Center launched a donation drive in conjunction with the local food bank to collect pet food and supplies for families who had fallen on hard times. However, the Humane Society suffered a major blow when a burglar broke in and stole items worth thousands of dollars that had been donated for the program. The Humane Society needed a solution to protect against this type of theft happening again.


After hearing reports of the break-in, the Humane Society’s neighbor, systems integrator and Axis partner Critical Edge, decided to donate a video surveillance system to help the shelter deter future break-ins. Critical Edge chose five Axis network cameras for the property, including HDTV 1080p quality and outdoor-ready AXIS P1346-E Network Cameras to cover the exterior of the building and the driveway, and the discreet HDTV 720p quality AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera to watch over the animals indoors. The system is managed with AXIS Camera Companion software, which provides an easy to learn camera management tool for newcomers to video surveillance.


Critical Edge was not the only community member to step forward when news of the break-in spread. Donations and food poured in, and soon the shelter had rebuilt its stockpile of goods and more. Their new video surveillance system now provides 24/7 security for the animals, the shelter, and their vital supplies. The cameras’ outdoor-ready enclosures will ensure they continue to function in harsh weather conditions, and the HDTV-quality video will provide crisp, clear images for police investigation should an incident occur again.

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