Forest Watch system with Axis cameras helps protect forests against fire

Intelligent forest fire monitoring system for Nizhny Novgorod Forest Fire Safety Center enables efficient all-around panoramic surveillance

“Boosted with Axis IP cameras, our Forest Watch fire monitoring and surveillance system has become more efficient as operators are able to detect fire at an early stages. We have already achieved great cost savings and protected many hectares of forest in our area.” Konurin Anton G., Deputy Director, Nizhny Novgorod Forest Fire Center.


Addressing a major forest fire challenge was the main goal for creating a Forest Watch intelligent monitoring system to ensure rapid early detection of fires in 33 regions of the Russian Federation. To meet this challenge, the DiSiCon team successfully developed a unique hardware and software system capable of utilizing the existing infrastructure, but they also encountered the need for functional and reliable cameras providing not only high image quality, but also offering a high level of reliability to withstand harsh environments.


Such a demanding application requires the use of high-quality AXIS Q60 Network Cameras which offer clear competitive advantages, including high reliability, ease of installation and great performance. AXIS Q6045-E offers an overview surveillance capability, and supports 20X optical zoom, and 12X digital zoom. Another critical feature needed for such a specific application as forest monitoring, is that AXIS Q6045-E offers lens positioning accuracy 10 times better than that of its rivals (0.1° vs 1°), thus allowing determination of fire source coordinates more accurately. In addition, AXIS Q6045-E incorporates a CMOS detector with higher resolution (1920x1080, HDTV 1080p) and supports a specific night surveillance mode.


The Forest Watch fire monitoring system incorporating intelligent Axis cameras received prizes and awards, and became the one and only Russian semifinalist of the prestigious Cisco Internet of Things Innovation Grand Challenge. In practice, the Forest Watch system today provides fire warning and monitoring capabilities for 33 regions of the Russian Federation, including reserves and national parks.

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