Surveillance cameras surrounded by Caribbean waters

Government of Nueva Esparta uses Axis cameras to protect residents and tourists on Margarita Island

“The implementation of this video surveillance system has improved detection of criminal activities as a result of the monitoring capabilities of the cameras, which generate an immediate response on the part of security personnel.” Eric Lárez, Operations Manager at Tecnomar.


Nueva Esparta in Venezuela is composed entirely of island territory. It is among the areas that receive a large number of tourists, both foreign and domestic, while serving as a nature preserve for local marine fauna of great economic importance to the country. Concerned about the security of residents and visitors alike, the state government – in conjunction with Tecnomar, an Axis integration partner in Venezuela – Nueva Esparta decided to implement a monitoring system to ensure the safety of both locals and tourists.


The system installed allows for the monitoring of Margarita Island’s major roads, urban and commercial centers, seaports and airports. The island is one of the top tourist destinations in the region as well as its principal monitoring center in the prefecture of the municipality of Mariño. The system, implemented in four different stages, consists of 100 Axis network cameras on a centralized platform that are controlled using software by Digifort, an Axis partner.


The implementation of a system spanning the Nueva Esparta geography sets Margarita Island at the forefront in terms of the nation’s monitoring and public safety projects. Prevention measures have resulted in a reduction in theft and of harm and vandalism to protected natural areas – contributing to the preservation of the island’s natural beauty.

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