IP video security for casinos is no bluff

Players Casino upgrades to the increased functionality of digital video surveillance with Axis network cameras and video encoders

“Compared to an analog camera, a high resolution IP camera makes it a lot easier to decipher hand movements, the colors of the chips, the suits of the cards, and other details. With the three mega-pixel overview cameras, the resolution is so high that you can zoom in and make out a face or see what kind of clothes a person is wearing.” F. Michel Velo, IT Director, Players Casino.


The gaming industry faces a number of security challenges including theft, cheating, and liability risks. Additionally, gaming surveillance is highly regulated by the government. This means flexible, high resolution surveillance solutions are critical. When Ventura, California-based Players Casino relocated in 2011, they installed a traditional analog system to watch over their card table games. Yet, when planning for the second phase of construction, they saw value in upgrading to an IP-based solution in order to capture more detail and achieve greater control over their cameras.


California-based systems integrator and Axis partner Customized Contractor Services (CCS) recommended Players Casino build their IP solution with Axis network cameras and Axis video encoders. CCS installed discrete fixed dome cameras with HDTV-quality resolution above each card table in their new wing. They also installed high resolution HDTV 1080p cameras with digital zoom at strategic locations for more comprehensive views of the rooms and existing tables. Additionally, they upgraded their existing analog cameras with IP functionality using Axis video encoders and installed an OnSSI Ocularis video management system (VMS) to manage the unified system. CCS incorporated a number of high availability measures to ensure system reliability and achieve a level of redundancy that is not available with traditional DVRs.


Players Casino now has a smart, responsive, and easily managed video surveillance system. HDTV-quality Axis cameras allow their security team to see faces, cards, and chips in clear detail. The cameras’ ease of installation and scalability means they can add new cameras in difficult-to-reach locations as needed. With network-based AXIS Camera Management and OnSSI VMS tools, the casino can make critical adjustments without blocking off floor space and disturbing customers. They are also able to respond quickly to many regulation changes with minimal fuss.

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