A high-quality crisp shot with Axis network cameras

Olivos Golf Club in Buenos Aires is equipped with HDTV cameras that monitor the comings and goings of patrons and residents around the clock

“Thanks to Axis cameras that deliver better image quality as well as improved nighttime visibility, a greater sense of security has been achieved throughout the country club grounds and surrounding area.” Iván Abrigo, Service Manager, Axial Security.


Virtually every golfer who has made golf history in Argentina has walked the links at Olivos Golf Club, one of the nation’s most established and well-known country clubs. Founded in 1928, Olivos has welcomed the world’s best golfers. In order to provide proper security for all of the players as well as everyone else who enters the grounds, reliable video image capture is required 24 hours a day. Thus it was decided to upgrade to technologies capable of delivering much improved image quality.


The Club decided to switch out all video equipment used in monitoring the flow of vehicles and pedestrians to and from the facilities. In its place, ten AXIS Q1604-E Network Cameras were installed at access points, and five AXIS M1114-E models were installed around the perimeter of the country club community. Tech distributor Solution Box, along with integrator Axial Security, both Axis partners in Argentina, were responsible for the implementation of the project.


Olivos Golf Club can now maintain adequate control of the people as well as the vehicles entering and leaving the premises, thanks to the newly installed video equipment. Outstanding high-resolution images provide the information necessary to resolve any situation that may arise. As a result of IP camera technology, it is also possible to monitor the security of the facility remotely, thus increasing the level of safety even further.

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