Intelligent, digital HDTV surveillance

Axis cameras safeguard the campus of North China Electric Power University

“Axis’ Lightfinder resolves the issue on poor quality of images captured in low light environments at night, safeguarding our campus reliably.” Security Department, North China Electric Power University, Beijing.


For over half a century, the North China Electric Power University in Beijing has been committed to providing highly qualified professionals and driving technology advances for the national energy and power industry. In order to enhance security in its Chenggong Campus, the University looked to set up a fully digital security surveillance system covering the entire campus.


High-end intelligent Axis HDTV network cameras were used at front-end; Ziya’s professional video management platform was adopted at back-end, including intelligent video analytics developed specifically for this project. Thus, a full HDTV video surveillance system was created to safeguard the campus.


The new system employs HDTV network cameras, offering superior image quality to improve the efficiencies of visual campus management. AXIS P5534-E, AXIS P3354 and P1354 Network Cameras support PoE, with no need for separately configured control or power cables, thus saving cabling costs. The use of open standard architecture helps integrate video surveillance with other security resources, considerably eliminating repeated development and unnecessary consumptions of manpower and time, improving reliability, interoperability and compatibility of the products, and facilitating the unified upgrading of the system. This lays a solid foundation for future expansion by leveraging the outstanding compatibility of the system and scalability of the software interface.

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