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Axis network cameras help with first phase of Ningbo Subway’s #1 Open to Traffic program

“Axis helps keep Ningbo’s Subway #1 open to traffic with outstanding video images.” Luo Ji, vice general manager of Rail Transition at Zhejiang Supcon Information Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Rail Transit’s first phase of Subway #1 starts from Gaoqiao West Station and ends at East Ring South Road Station. It is 20.8 km in length, including a 5.45 km elevated line, 0.31 km bridges and U-shaped channels, and 15.118 km underground line, along with 15 underground stations and 5 elevated stations with an interval of 1.14 km. The video surveillance installations at all stations would be connected to the public security bureaus and police stations, and intended to provide the capabilities for efficient security management, immediate response in case of incidents, and timely interactions among the agencies concerned, thus allowing for instant identification, response and handling.


The Subway #1 project included a variety of Axis network cameras, covering the different needs of the large scale subway train network. Features such as high performance and light sensitivity were key for providing the ability to monitor critical areas of the subway.


Ningbo Rail Transit benefits from a system that is easy to manage and uses less bandwidth than the previous system. The outstanding camera performances keep maintenance at a minimum and enhance the overall security for all subway stations.

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