Majestar Casino enhances customer security with 24-hour surveillance system

Axis network cameras covering casino floor ensure guests’ safety

“The biggest accomplishment in the latest system upgrade project has been the enhancement of management efficiency and monitoring effectiveness by introducing the Axis network camera system with its progressive scanning and Lightfinder technology. The Axis system has contributed to making our casino one of the best gaming venues in the world.” Majestar Casino Manager.


Majestar Casino at Hotel Shilla Jeju has experienced rapid growth with a business strategy that attracts gambling tourists to the island by gaining their confidence through fair treatment and transparent practices. “Make a dream trip to Jeju Island” is their slogan and they are creating a resort group that offers comprehensive entertainment options for guests of all ages. In January 2013, the company expanded the gambling space to the hotel’s 3rd floor in addition to the existing 5th and 6th floors and wanted to introduce a perfect security system to provide a pleasant floor atmosphere for its customers.


Magestar Casino decided to go with a digital system that offers better image quality, network-based data transfer, and convenience in situation control, to improve the results obtained from the existing analog system that was plagued with image quality problems and maintenance difficulties. Before deciding on a specific brand, Majestar Casino considered competing IP-based systems from 3 companies including Axis Communications. After a lengthy consideration, the company selected the Axis system because of its image quality, reliability, solution compatibility, and a 3-year free warranty. In addition, the fact that the Axis system has been in place in several other domestic and overseas casinos provided additional confidence that their decision was a good one.


After introducing the Axis network cameras, Majestar Casino created a safer atmosphere by installing a variety of camera models on the floor to eliminate blind spots and easily monitor customer movements so customers are able to focus on their games. With AXIS P3354 and AXIS P5512 PTZ Network Cameras, security officers are able to respond quickly to unfortunate accidents. With the new digital system, the company saved costs by retaining the existing analog systems. As the Axis cameras are easy to install, creation of the surveillance system was accomplished in short order after the interior design work.

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