Axis video surveillance serving the San Giorgio drugstore

Historic drugstore in Genoa chooses Axis and Dynamic Studio for the security of its personnel and recently renovated premises

“The integrated Axis, Milestone and Elmo solution has allowed our client to achieve a high level of security with a small investment, making use of a non invasive technology, in line with the technical, regulatory and aesthetic requirements. Remote system access lets us provide continuous, immediate, 360-degree support.” Manuel Tosatti, Sales Manager - Dynamic Studio Srl.


San Giorgio pharmacy is located in the Albaro district of Genoa, one the city’s most exclusive areas. Bought out by Carlo Cerruti and Giovanni Tavilla in 1999, it was “reborn” in August 2000 following extensive renovation of the entire store, becoming a point of reference for the locals. The drugstore needed a video surveillance system capable of ensuring the safety of personnel in the event of theft or criminal acts and to protect the internal and external areas of the premises from vandalism.


The system designed by Dynamic Studio, an Axis partner installer, enables total coverage of the drugstore, on both the outside and the inside, via six next-generation Axis cameras. In particular, the store has two cameras for the external perimeter, an AXIS P1344 and an HDTV AXIS Q1604, with IP66 and class IK-10 housings that are vandalism-proof, impact-resistant and weatherproof. Indoor areas are monitored by 4 HDTV AXIS M3005-V Network Cameras. The solution is completed with Milestone Xprotect® Essential recording software for remote image viewing.


The adopted solution ensures extremely reliable and complete IP video surveillance, enabling close control of the areas inside and outside the store, providing security for customers and personnel during both daytime and nighttime opening hours.

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