Daejin University creates safer campus around the clock

Campus blind spots removed by Axis’ Lightfinder technology and user-oriented interface

“ We are very satisfied with the results of Axis’ new system introduction because of the elimination of security blind spots on the campus and establishment of an emergency response system. To help our students focus on their academic work without worrying about any security issues, we will introduce additional high-resolution network cameras.” Kang Ki-hwan, General Affairs Department Manager, Daejin University.


As Daesun Jinrohoe university campuses, in Pocheon City, Korea, are open 24 hours to anyone, they are vulnerable to accidents and crimes. Based on the judgment that the existing analog system was quite inadequate to monitoring the vast campus, Daejin University decided to introduce a high-resolution video security system so that students could walk around the campus and focus on their academic work without worrying about personal security.


The security cameras installed in the far-flung buildings across the campus of Daejin University were low resolution and difficult to manage because they were connected through coaxial cables. Their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) became untenable. Because of the data storage space, the system had to reduce the number of days for recording or deteriorate the image quality. To address the problem, Daejin University decided to introduce an IP-based system that offered superior image quality under low-light conditions, night-time facial recognition, and operational stability.


With the Axis network cameras, the university has a significantly more effective security system. Unlike in the past when the security officers had to make a judgment based on vague shapes in the dark, the new system offers clearer images including detailed facial features thanks to Axis’ Lightfinder technology which provides clear color images even in extreme low-light conditions. The cameras are now installed with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables instead of coaxial cables, which simplify the installation of additional cameras and offers better recorded image quality. The new IP-based system enables the university’s security staff to monitor the entire campus 24/7 for rapid response in emergencies.

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