HDTV camera unlocks panorama of beautiful historic Czech square

Axis IP cameras help support tourism in České Budějovice

“It was a very pleasant surprise to see the difference in the quality of the new installed HDTV camera, both the image quality improvement and possibilities of its subsequent processing.” Ing. Václav Binder, the deputy director of the IT dept. of the České Budějovice Municipality.


The upgrade project of the information website for the Statutory City of České Budějovice also included a camera system. The task was to enhance image quality and, primarily, keep rules of installation of any items in the historic part of the city which are subject to strict regulations of preservation specialists. The project target is to support tourism in České Budějovice using image projection in HDTV quality from the historic center directly to the information website of the city and make advanced possibilities of the network video accessible to the public.


While solving this problem, Arakis & Belleville s.r.o. realized the current technological solution was obsolete and a brand new AXIS P3367-VE Network Camera was proposed to be placed to the town hall tower. This, the first HDTV camera in České Budějovice, displays the Přemysl Otakar II Square and the image is in turn transferred to the city information website. Arakis & Belleville s.r.o. staff managed to place the camera in such a way that it can’t be spotted by people and, thus it follows the strict rules of installation in the historic part of the city. During the installation, a special technical solution was designed, in particular, a custom bracket with fixture had to be manufactured.


Realization of the project was assumed by Arakis & Belleville s.r.o. which, due to the current unsatisfactory technology, proposed to install advanced network video technology. The appropriate solution to meet this request was to install AXIS P3367-VE Network Cameras in the town hall tower. This first HD camera in České Budějovice displays the Přemysl Otakar II Square and the HD image is in turn transferred to the city information website where visitors can view it in their browser right on the homepage and see the South Bohemian landmark 24/7.

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