Axis protects stone carvings of sacred Mandirs

Hindu faith organization BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha® uses Axis cameras to guard intricate stone architecture of US worship centers

“Our primary concern is protecting the intricate stone architecture of our mandirs, because if it’s damaged or vandalized, it’s not something that we can easily replace. The Axis cameras integrated with Genetec’s Security Center VMS allowed us to create a proactive system which alerts us anytime our perimeter is breached.” Sadhu Kaivalyamurtidas, administrator Swami of BAPS.


BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha® is a spiritual and charitable Hindu organization with centers throughout the world, including Stafford, TX and Chino Hills, CA – suburbs of Houston and Los Angeles respectively. Each center features an intricately designed Mandir, or place of worship, built with Italian marble and hand-carved Turkish sandstone. This means repairing damage from vandalism is both expensive and time-consuming. BAPS needed an intelligent and proactive video surveillance system to stay alert to any potential incidents.


BAPS worked with systems integrators and Axis partners Preferred Technologies in Stafford and Best Communication Networks in Chino Hills to design an advanced digital surveillance system that fully capitalizes on the smart, sophisticated feature set offered by Axis network cameras. Cameras such as AXIS P3364-LV and AXIS P3346 Fixed Dome Network Cameras, and AXIS M1054 Network Cameras offered BAPS features like cross-line detection, motion detection, and IR-illumination, as well as seamless integration with Genetec Security Center video management software (VMS) and Preferred Technologies’ custom integration “Snapshot to Email” software. Axis video encoders allowed BAPS to network-enable older analog cameras without the full cost of a new installation.


With cross-line detection, BAPS administrators can now receive automatic email alerts with screenshots from the Axis cameras whenever a perimeter is breached. The input/output (I/O) ports of select cameras are also configured to automatically activate lights and sirens when the trip lines are crossed. The HDTV-quality footage provides crisp views of the stonework, and IR-illumination reveals details hidden in complete darkness. The responsive system allows BAPS to stay on alert to any incidents.

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