Axis at Slovak International Air Fest - SIAF 2014

The greatest Slovak aviation show is supported by excellent Axis IP cameras

“The mobile system made by Axis and NetRex has proved its reputation of a quality and reliable solution. I was really pleased by the system’s quick installation, its capabilities, and the easy access to both live views and recordings.” Dipl. Eng. Milan Konvičný, Chief Executive Officer of MLD SIAF 2014 and Project Manager.


58 airplanes from 13 countries carefully watched by more than 90,000 spectators. That was the 4th Slovak International Air Fest whose scope puts it among the biggest air festivals in Central Europe. However, the large number of guests at the Sliač air base made the organizers apply rigorous organizational and security measures. This year, the organizers specifically focused on greater monitoring of people’s movements and greater incident resolution. The situation called for the use of a camera system; nevertheless, the need to monitor remote locations without electric power supply and data system connection represented a challenge.


Therefore, the Slovak Aviation Agency decided to utilize the capabilities of the Axis IP cameras and the wellproven mobile monitoring solution of NetRex. A total of 9 battery-powered NetRex MVSi 01 systems were deployed at the air force base. The system monitored the entrance gates and other selected locations. The mobile sets featured top quality AXIS P1354-E HDTV Network Cameras designed for 24-hour operation. Using the mobile Internet, the NetRex Monitor service fed live views and recordings to the organizers’ computers and their smart phones. Lower level recordings were stored at remote secure servers and high level recordings were saved on the SD cards inside the cameras.


Thanks to the installed cameras, the organizers comfortably monitored the whole air base. The stored recordings were available to solve potential security incidents, and they shall certainly be useful during the next year’s show promotion in the media. The installation’s speed and flexibility, and the cost-effective rental further supported the solution’s overall benefits.

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