Intelligent around-the-clock HDTV video surveillance at crude oil reserve project

Enhanced operations, management and security for Sinopec Commercial Crude Oil Reserve Base with Axis cameras

“Axis HDTV network cameras provide superior images around the clock, addressing the operations, management, control and security of the crude oil reserve.” Wang Ying, project supervisor / project department office director.


Tianjin-based Sinopec crude oil reserve project covers a land area of approximately 684,000m², and maintains 32 100,000m3 floating top crude oil tanks with supporting oil pump station, sewage lifting pump station, and central control building, as well as repair and warehousing facilities. A digital surveillance system was expected to cater for Sinopec’s operations, fire control, security protection and management. As staff, technologies and materials would be combined under the security system, no blind spot could be found in the monitored areas. The system was required to be “secure, reliable, open, manageable, maintainable, scalable, interoperable, and cutting-edge”, addressing both integration and continuous expansion of the surveillance system.


The HDTV surveillance system for Sinopec introduced IP-based digital video surveillance technology, and the image transmission, storage and management system is built on its private TV surveillance LAN, which provides the open IP architecture. At the front end are Axis’ intelligent HDTV network cameras, while at the back end is VICON’s VICONNET platform.


The new system has an integrated management platform at the core, featuring perimeter intrusion prevention, video surveillance interlocking, and entrance/exit control. All monitoring points carry out 24/7 surveillance and obviates blind spots, resulting in a full coverage, manageable system flexible for future expansion.

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