From spaceships to the stars: LAPD safeguards city events with Axis

Los Angeles Police Department uses Axis cameras as a smart, flexible tool to protect public events and gather intelligence in covert operations

“We’ve been using Axis network cameras since 2007 because of their reliability and easy redeployment. As Axis continues to improve its optics and provide higher definition images, surveillance just gets better and better.” Michael Downing, Deputy Chief and Commanding Officer for Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, Los Angeles Police Department.


The Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) needed surveillance cameras that could be easily installed for temporary covert investigations and public events. The bureau wanted to give incident commanders real-time situational awareness from a command post, as well as push video out to officers’ iPads and smartphones in the field.


The Technical Support Unit in Major Crimes Division, which is responsible for ad hoc surveillance camera operations, began acquiring an inventory of fixed and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) Axis network cameras in 2007. The cameras record directly to on-board SD cards, and the department uses AXIS Camera Companion software to manage the system. The video is also transmitted back to police headquarters for live monitoring. It is sent over a secure wireless mesh network to avoid interruptions from cellular traffic.


Axis cameras have helped the LAPD manage crowd safety at events like the retirement voyage of the spaceship Endeavor through the streets of LA and the annual red carpet celebration at the Academy Awards. When Occupy L.A. established a protest encampment in front of City Hall and the surrounding Civic Center, the surveillance cameras helped officers spot and detain a truck approaching the fringes of the camp. This stopped the truck before it could unload its cargo of long clubs that could have been used as weapons on officers trying to maintain a peaceful evacuation.

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