Axis cameras for security at Lviv’s Nobilis Hotel

Safety and security provided for hotel staff and guests using Axis network cameras in reliable surveillance system

“Thanks to Axis network cameras, which have provided our hotel with effective and inconspicuous video surveillance, our guests and personnel feel completely safe.” Andrei Bokhonko, System Administrator, Nobilis Hotel


Modern hotels require modern security hardware, so the project for providing video surveillance at the new premium-class hotel began when the building was still under construction. The integrator was faced with the task of building a reliable video surveillance system that could not only perform the required security functions, but also harmoniously blend in with the hotel’s luxurious interior.


In order to solve this task, specialists from the integrator, Tekhnika Dlia Biznesu (Equipment for business) LTD, carefully analyzed the options available on the market and selected indoor and outdoor Axis fixed cameras: AXIS P1344-E, AXIS M1114, and AXIS P3343. The main points in favor of this solution were the equipment’s high quality and wide range of functions. Another important factor was the excellent compatibility of Axis cameras with equipment and software from other manufacturers, since the video stream is managed using Milestone software, and HP servers were chosen to record the archive.


The outcome of the project was a modern, reliable, trouble-free video surveillance system that ensures round-the-clock security for Nobilis Hotel’s guests, employees and property. All cameras support HDTV mode, which allows the hotel security service to clearly identify individuals both inside the hotel and in the surrounding area. The clarity of the picture sent from Axis network cameras makes work much easier for the security personnel watching the monitors.

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