Modern video surveillance reacts to unusual situations in office center

Inventive security in Berezka Business Center by key zones surveillance with Axis network cameras

“Proper equipment selection is the key to achieving the main objective: providing security for the office center’s employees. Image quality, video surveillance system ease of use, and fail-safes were the main criteria for selecting equipment. We took a careful approach to selecting the manufacturer, installer and knowledgeable tech support.” Sergei Vyacheslavovich Grigoriev, Chief IT Specialist.


The main objective when planning the video surveillance system was to monitor key zones inside the business center: hallways, elevator banks, reception area, service entrances, etc., as well as the entire surrounding site. The system also needed to be able to record the license plate numbers of vehicles entering the business center site.


AXIS M3004-V and AXIS M3005-V Network Cameras with a resolution of 1 Mp/HDTV 720p and 2 Mp/HDTV 1080p respectively, were selected for video surveillance inside the business center. AXIS P1355Е Network Cameras with P-Iris technology are used for 24-hour video surveillance of the surrounding site. Where there is no outdoor lighting, AXIS T90A40 infrared illuminators were installed along with the cameras. AXIS Q1604-E Network Cameras were used for vehicle license plate recognition. Video data is recorded on video servers with Intellect software. The AUTO-Intellect software module is used for license plate recognition. There is also a video surveillance post where images from all video cameras are displayed on eight monitors. A total of over 80 Axis network cameras were installed for the project.


As a result, key zones inside the business center and surrounding site have been placed under surveillance, which allows the system to immediately react to any unusual situations.

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