Axis network cameras provide security at Sakhalin Ice Arena

New full-scale surveillance installation helps law enforcement authorities and enhances arena safety

“We are pleased with Axis equipment, which we used to build a modern security video surveillance system fully integrated with the access monitoring and ticket sales systems. We are very happy with the combination of excellent reliability, high technical capabilities and ease of installation of the video cameras.” Ismail Akhmedovich Ismailov, Kristall Ice Arena Chief Engineer.


The one and only task the client set for the installer was to create an integrated security system at the new Ice Arena site in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Like any sports complex, the ice arena has a large number of people continuously moving throughout the site. For this reason, the main requirements for the system were: full video camera coverage, high image detail, precise analytics and integration with the entry monitoring system.


The set objectives demand that the video has high definition, which is why the installer used three HDTV network camera models when designing the system: AXIS Q1604 and AXIS Q1604-E Fixed Network Cameras and the AXIS Q6034-E Dome Network Camera. A total of 140 cameras were installed, both inside the facility and outdoors. A reliable back end using Cisco equipment was needed to process data from so many cameras. Intellect software from ITV was chosen to analyze images.


The project is now completed. The client received a modern security video surveillance system integrated with the access monitoring and ticket sales systems. Although the arena is new, the video surveillance system has already repeatedly helped law enforcement authorities find people who have committed crimes at the facility.

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