Kiev-Pechersk Lavra chooses Axis network cameras

Network video surveillance ensures safety for pilgrims at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

“Video surveillance has become one of the key tools of our work, and the capabilities of Axis network cameras and the Intellect software suite allow us to quickly react to hazardous events and investigate incidents by viewing the saved archive. We are happy with the choice we have made.” Alexander, Lavra Security Department Manager.


The key objective of the project was to build an integrated security system including video surveillance, fire alarms and intrusion detection for the site and inside buildings.


The first step was to install Axis network cameras in the most critical locations and to integrate them into the data transfer network. A total of 39 cameras were installed for the project, including models AXIS P3301, AXIS P3343, AXIS P3344, AXIS P1346, AXIS P1354, and AXIS M2014-E. The next step was to unify all elements of the security system using an integrated Intellect software system from ITV and to connect remote operator locations and the back end (central servers and video archive).


The result is a fully functioning integrated security system. Information from the video cameras can be called up from the archive at any time and analyzed, and, if needed, used as evidence in court. The system can be used not only to quickly react to illegal acts, but also to prevent them. After introducing the system, the Lavra was able to reduce the number of guards and improve their level of training. Practice has shown that the simple existence of video surveillance cameras has helped prevent various illegal acts at the Lavra.

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