Intelligent fashion shop network video surveillance

Reserved & Cropp Town defines the roots of success and reduces loss with Axis network cameras

“Deployment of the NetRex system, using top-quality Axis network cameras, makes our everyday operations significantly easier. The high-quality image from cameras and, mainly, the interconnection with our POS system, is a real benefit for our business.” Josef Novotný, IT Manager in LPP Retail Czech s.r.o.


Reserved & Cropp are young and popular brands on the fashion market. In the Czech Republic, they are sold in 39 specialized outlets called Reserved and Cropp Town, run by LPP Retail Czech Republic. Tough competition, rising costs and an increasing number of thefts forced this vendor to look for ways to make sales more effective. The company management’s goal was to solve a few key points. The main requirement was to find a technical solution to cut down losses of goods. The next requirement was a possibility to visually monitor sufficient stock in outlets. Next, an effective tool to check performance and a way to measure the company’s marketing campaign effectiveness were sought.


To solve these problems, NetRex Company services were selected, as NetRex focuses on development and providing applications for modern network video technologies. The company cooperates closely with Axis Communications from Sweden and uses their IP cameras in installations. These cameras were the right choice that helped to meet requirements placed by LPP Retail. All deployed AXIS M1054 Network Cameras, combined with optical barriers, are connected to the central NetRex platform that provides many services, including unified access, recording functions and device functionality checks. The central platform also significantly reduces costs of buying additional servers for outlets or company headquarters as they are no longer necessary.


High definition cameras provide a high-quality overview of outlets actions from everywhere and throughout the day, including the possibility to alert responsible individuals to undesirable situations. An intuitive interface provides filtering and quick search options for requested records. Thanks to Point of Sale (POS) and camera systems integration, video records of every cash transaction at any branch are available. Optical barriers, connected to cameras, provide the company management with clear, comprehensive information about every outlet’s customer turnout and, based on this information, they can evaluate not just each outlet’s performance but also marketing campaigns’ efficiency.

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