All hands on deck with Axis

Great Lakes Maritime Academy uses live video from Axis cameras to train merchant marines

“The live HDTV-quality images we get from the Axis cameras truly raise the standards for maritime training. It’s one of the things that makes our program so appealing to future merchant marine officers.” John Berck, Director of Enrollment Management, Great Lakes Maritime Academy.


While its simulation exercises had put the Great Lakes Maritime Academy at the forefront of merchant marine training, school officials felt that providing cadets with real-time information about conditions on the Great Lakes would help them more quickly master the complex skills needed to sail these complicated waterways. The Academy began searching for an innovative solution that would integrate live video footage of constantly changing weather patterns, water conditions and river environments into its unique, hands-on Coast Guard licensing program.


The Academy approached ROK Systems, an integrated security and process monitoring provider and Axis partner, to devise a solution that would augment extensive lab and classroom time with real-time learning opportunities. ROK installed four Axis HDTV-quality network cameras aboard the Academy’s training ship to gather live video data as the ship is underway. The cameras are managed by a Milestone XProtect® video management system that can be accessed by students while at sea and onshore in classrooms and labs.


Unlike a flight simulator used to train pilots and astronauts, the network camera system provides cadets with live information about the waterways they are sailing to help them learn how to safely navigate and dock their ship. When in port, the cameras double as a security system to protect the $40 million training vessel from intruders.

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