Cubi e Perina invests in an innovative and efficient intrusion detection system

A solar plant in the Province of Bologna has been equipped with Axis thermal cameras for round-the-clock security

“There are many reasons why we decided to rely on Axis solutions. First of all, the excellent price-quality ratio and the high reliability that has always distinguished Axis products. Secondly, the small size and compactness of these cameras. Finally, their top-notch technology: we’re talking about IP cameras that allow onboard recording on microSD and onboard video analysis.” Mirko Aucone, ItalSicurezza.


The new photovoltaic solar park at Castello d’Argile (Bologna), with an overall power output of two megawatts, produces electricity that is then fed into the national electricity grid. Located in the open countryside and with practically no lighting, the solar park needed an intrusion detection system that ensured precise and effective control of the entire perimeter, both day and night.


The Austrian company that owns the solar park engaged Cubi e Perina to build and commission the plant. In turn, this Venice-based company called on ItalSicurezza for the design and installation of an intrusion detection system. The chosen solution was not a traditional intrusion detection system with typical detectors, but a system composed of eleven AXIS Q19 Series Thermal Network Cameras arranged for monitoring along the perimeter of the site, all equipped with VTrack intrusion video analysis software from Technoaware, installed on board the cameras.


This solution met with immediate appreciation from the client, who recognized the innovation of this intrusion detection system over traditional systems. The decision to use Axis thermal cameras enables accurate and efficient monitoring in all lighting conditions, even at night, easily detecting any intrusions in the solar park and immediately setting off the alarm.

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