Turning up the heat on solar field security

Las Positas College uses Axis thermal cameras and bright halogen lights to protect its $4.5 million renewable energy project

“Without an alert from the Axis thermal cameras, we’d never know if an intruder had entered the solar field. That deterrent has probably saved us millions of dollars in potential damage or theft.” Sean Prather, Campus Safety Supervisor, Las Positas College.


When the Sustainability Committee at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA launched construction of a 5.3-acre field of solar panels, the Campus Safety Department took charge of finding a cost-effective way to protect the $4.7 million renewable energy project. Given the remoteness of the location and the lack of any light after dark, Campus Safety was especially concerned about the site’s vulnerability at night.


The college hired Electronic Innovations, a Richmond, CA-based security contractor and Axis partner, to design and install a security solution that would detect and deter intruders from entering the area. As Las Positas had already adopted Axis products as the campus security standard, Electronic Innovations decided to install several Axis thermal imaging cameras equipped with motion detection alarms at the site. The cameras were tied into the campus AMAG Security Management System. The motion detection would also trigger an array of halogen lights to illuminate the solar panel field and the surrounding area.


Since its installation, the Axis thermal camera system has already alerted Campus Security to a group of intruders attempting to scale the fence and possibly vandalize or steal solar panels. The culprits fled when a security officer arrived on the scene.

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