Shopping center invests in megapixel and improved surveillance

Luxury venture in southern Brazil uses high-quality images to provide customers with security inside the building and in the parking lot

“The choice to use PoE-powered products makes it easier to reconfigure spaces. Overall, we have full confidence in the fidelity of storage and displayed images, because the solution is designed in a way that offers the assurance of superior operation.” Cristiano de Morais Lima, Manager of Technology and Building Automation for Pátio Batel.


Security is a major concern among shopping center patrons in Brazil, yet camera quality is not always up to the task of meeting these needs. When designing Pátio Batel, an upscale shopping center in Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, the Soifer Group opted for high-reliability cameras with excellent image quality.


Jugend, a consultant with extensive experience in shopping centers that has worked with Axis Communications on various projects, approved the installation of Axis equipment at Pátio Batel. All three lines of Axis cameras were involved in the installation, from the most affordable to the highest performers – a total of 320 cameras and 14 different models. Important parts of the setup include the AXIS P3346-VE and AXIS P1346-E Network Cameras, offering Full HD image quality and advanced iris control. XProtect® Corporate software, from Axis partner Milestone, was chosen for image management.


The choice of Axis equipment offers the shopping center operators increased reliability of their video surveillance system, in terms of both image display and storage. The peace of mind for this critical operation means a greater sense of security for shop owners and mall customers.

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