When feet mean business

Axis IP cameras track the flow of customers at Telkom South Africa stores

“Reports are automatically generated and distributed to the marketing department, operations department and even store managers. This information is proving invaluable.” Telkom Project Manager.


Telkom is South Africa’s largest integrated telecommunications company, providing integrated communications solutions to both the business and consumer markets. With over 400 stores serving their customers in South Africa, Telkom required an advanced people counting solution to analyse footfall trends in their stores.


Certified systems integrator Itec Digital Solutions, formerly known as GX Connect, installed AXIS M3203 Network Cameras directly above the entrances/exits of the Telkom stores. These compact fixed dome network cameras, combined with Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics software, become intelligent sensors providing business intelligence capabilities.


The network cameras, embedded with the Agent Vi software component, are able to provide valuable, accurate data to Telkom South Africa regarding the number of customers frequenting their stores. This information can be used to measure the effectiveness of their monetary investment in various marketing campaigns as well as to shed light on customer behavior at the stores.

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