Safety on the St. Petersburg Ring Road using Axis network cameras

BCC has built a system to record video and detect motor vehicle accidents on the St. Petersburg Ring Road

“Axis cameras combine 3 important advantages: the ability to integrate with various outside systems, video image quality, and sufficient capacity for connecting and simultaneously working with several systems while maintaining the required video image parameters.” Daniil Vladimirovich Potapov, Telecommunications Manager (Directorate for the Flood Protection Barrier).


The project’s objective was to build a reliable video surveillance system that could record video and automatically detect accidents as part of an automatic traffic control system (ATCS) for Navigation Structure C1 and a roadway tunnel, parts of the St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier (Dam).


Eight AXIS Q6032-E PTZ and 104 AXIS P1343-E fixed Network Cameras were installed on access roads and in the tunnel roadway. The fixed network cameras are integrated with Traficon firmware—104 VIP-IP video image processing modules—that detects accidents and notifies system operators in real time.


The project resulted in a fully automatic system for monitoring traffic and accidents on a section of the St. Petersburg Dam that can be used not only for surveillance and recording, but also for managing traffic and responding to accidents in real time. The client is completely satisfied with the system, which has already operated for several years without any major problems.

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