Remote monitoring of bank branches using Axis network cameras

Over one thousand Axis cameras monitor the work in Russian Standard Bank branches

“Executing the project has resulted in better customer service in bank branches; the number of complaints has decreased. We can now get a picture of what is happening in the branches in real time. Axis cameras have, for their part, successfully achieved the set objective.” Maksim Goldin, Chief Specialist of the Project Development and Execution Department Russian Standard Bank Branch Network Division.


The objective of this project was to remotely monitor bank branches; it currently also includes two subordinate objectives: to detect employee violations of internal regulations and to identify the busiest offices in real time.


The cameras selected for the project were AXIS 213 PTZ and AXIS P5512 PTZ Network Cameras, AXIS M1011 Fixed Network Cameras and AXIS 212 PTZ Network Cameras with ultra-wide angle. Depending on the size and layout of rooms, 3–4 network cameras (on average) were installed in each branch. Today, the project uses a total of 1,012 Axis cameras. The bank developed its own software for the project. A network resource was developed for monitoring in order to display information transmitted from cameras in online mode. The resource includes a multi-user interface with online transmission, integration with the Active Directory and systematization of video streams by region. In order to reduce the load on communication channels, images are refreshed several times per minute and then archived in data storage.


As a result, the bank’s management gained a tool that allows them to monitor bank branch employee activity, to get an up-to-the-minute picture of how busy branches are and to detect violations of internal regulations and fraudulent activity. Information from cameras can be used to investigate complaints. In addition, many bank divisions use the video system for their own purposes (such as verifying correct placement of advertisements or IT equipment status).

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