Retail chain Makro prevents losses in Colombia with Axis cameras

With more than 480 IP cameras, Colombia has achieved the greatest reduction in theft for the Makro chain in South America

“The implementation of Axis camera technology has been very important to our project. As a result, Colombia has achieved the greatest reduction in theft relative to the rest of the chain in the South American countries - largely due to the implementation of IP video.” Manuel Barragán - Makro’s National Manager of Loss Prevention.


Makro is a discount retail chain with more than 700 stores on four continents, making the company the world’s largest discount retailer. In Colombia, the Makro Supermayorista S.A. chain consists of 16 stores and service stations throughout 10 cities. These stores and service stations had been relying on analog video surveillance systems which generated ongoing maintenance costs. In parallel with the company’s increase in revenue over the last several years, there was a need to implement complete coverage of facilities to ultimately prevent theft, provide security and improve service at merchandise delivery points.


Makro Supermayorista S.A. decided to implement a process of migration toward IP video in conjunction with Smart Development Systems Corp., an Axis partner with extensive experience with this type of installation. The project included the installation of more than 480 cameras from Axis Communications – integrated with two recording management programs on two separate platforms: SDS Recorder and My Smart Video.


The video surveillance system implemented has reduced maintenance costs and merchant losses while allowing for the continuation of the migration process away from analog technology to IP. It has also created a situation now where consumers feel safer as a result of actions taken to prevent incidents.

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