Axis and the SSP: working together to provide the public services of tomorrow

Security at the Trust Control Center of the Department of Public Safety (SSP) is being upgraded and streamlined with IP video surveillance systems

“Having a video surveillance system has given the center the possibility of keeping a visual and audio backup of the activities carried out in the building.” Valente Cruz Vázquez, Director of Research & Development.


Today, Mexico aims to build a safe country through a lens reflecting the convergence point where efforts of public servants are strengthened with trust, responsibility and commitment to ensure the reliable functioning of public institutions through supervision and protection. Thus the need has arisen to implement a process through which safety margins are improved, and recruitment and selection processes are optimized to ensure that the most qualified staff is hired in accordance with institutional policy and the profile of each job position. The Trust Control Center of Mexico City’s Department of Public Safety previously carried out its supervision manually with no possibility to review any recording in order to re-evaluate the day-to-day situations that arose. Since there was no material that could be studied after the fact, a decision was made to modernize the center with Axis video surveillance technology, providing the capability to keep a record of details from tested applicants, to protect facilities, and furthermore, to have a visual history of all the activities carried out within the building.


The solution emerged from a search for a system that provided software and hardware stability, as uninterrupted, quality recording was needed that could also be accessed after the fact in order to accurately validate information at any time required. In addition, simple installation of the Netcamara smart software made possible the recording and monitoring of selected areas, thus achieving a comprehensive solution that surprisingly only required one video server – even for a project of this magnitude.


The primary objective of protecting the facilities was achieved immediately and the cameras have provided a means of preventing any unauthorized activity. Likewise, the staff is now prepared to respond immediately to any situation that may arise as the cameras provide early warning of any suspicious activity.

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