Axis cameras as a foundation for interactive distance learning

In St. Petersburg, Baltic Media Company has created a unique interactive distance learning system using Axis equipment

“The St. Petersburg education system’s top priority is to develop distance learning, which is based on the new system created by BMC in 2013. The new capabilities of this system, first and foremost for organizing video activities between participants of the educational process, allow us to greatly increase education quality in our city.” Yu. P. Malyshev, Deputy Director for IT at the Regional Center for Quality Assessment of Education and Information Technology.


The client engaged Baltic Media Company to create a universal video conference system to be used for all the center’s activities, including: > Distance learning > Video conference meetings, seminars, presentations > Supervision of Unified State Exam and Basic State Exam procedures The client did not set up any specialized hardware systems due to high cost and because a single multiplex stream could not be used; therefore, we needed to create an individual system that supported multiplexing.


The system was created based on video surveillance using AXIS P5534 PTZ Network Cameras and AXIS P3364, AXIS M1054, AXIS M3004-V, AXIS M1004-W, AXIS P1344, and AXIS P1346 fixed Network Cameras. The main criteria for selecting equipment were high image quality, ability to organize multi-stream transmission, and high audio digitization quality. Selection was also influenced by interface simplicity, ability to remotely change the viewing angle, convenience of working with Axis PTZ cameras, and ability to integrate into a single system with other brands. The client plans to expand the system by adding more Axis cameras in St. Petersburg schools. The software used is the MVConf multipoint video conferencing software and hardware platform with centralized control for organizing video conferences.


The outcome of the project is a multi-purpose, regional-scale video conference system that connects St. Petersburg educational organizations into a single system with a large number of services. Today, the system can provide supervision and recording during exams, as well as open and closed video lessons, conferences, and meetings.

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