Over 700 Axis cameras installed at Belgorod’s largest shopping and entertainment center

GRINN Corporation and IT Center LLC jointly selected Axis cameras to provide security at the MegaGrinn shopping and entertainment center in Belgorod

“We tested cameras from many manufacturers, but only Axis cameras provided us with the necessary image quality and reliability. Axis equipment does a great job of handling the workload even under worstcase conditions, and thanks to the highly qualified specialists from IT Center LLC, we have at our disposal a reliable system that allows us to achieve a wide range of objectives.” Viktor Yazvinsky, GRINN Corporation Communications and Specialized Technology Manager.


During the construction of a new shopping and entertainment center, the developer had the task of ensuring security not only for the facility itself, but more importantly for the future customers and tenants. The core of an integrated system needed to consist of an IP video surveillance system with cutting-edge features. The key objectives were continuous monitoring of shopping and entertainment center halls, surveillance of storefronts, and monitoring of store cash register areas.


The set objectives required high image detail, while the size of the facility required a large number of various types of cameras; this, in turn, required smart algorithms to reduce loads on both security system operators and video surveillance system network resources. Based on these assumptions, GRINN Corporation technical specialists tested cameras from various manufacturers on exhibition stands from IT Center, and selected a series of Axis network cameras integrated with Intellekt software. The key selection criteria were not only high reliability and dependability of equipment and software, but also the wide spectrum of features needed by the client.


Careful work resulted in a single IP video surveillance system for all the client’s facilities. Data from all video cameras stream to the operator post, providing continuous monitoring of the entire shopping and entertainment center grounds. The smart component of the video system significantly reduces the required number of security system operators compared to systems of previous generations.

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