Environmental monitoring system at GVIDON Fish Conservancy Post using renewable energy resources

BytErg and EcoEnergy have launched the GVIDON environmental monitoring system using Axis cameras operating on renewable energy

“The GVIDON System has become an irreplaceable aid to the Fish Conservancy’s employees at Ognevka 15. Due to the high resolution of cameras installed 18 meters high, we can easily distinguish an armed poacher from a simple fisherman from 2 km away and take appropriate action quickly. I hope that the GVIDON System will be expanded to the entire Volga-Caspian Channel from Astrakhan to the Caspian Sea.” Sergei Selivanov, Shift Foreman at Ognevka 15 Fish Conservancy Post.


The main objectives of the new GVIDON complex are: to track watercraft traffic in the observation sector; to inspect sturgeon catch for research or poaching purposes; to record watercraft registration numbers to create a database; and to transmit video data to territorial divisions of the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency in real time.


Achieving the set objectives required cameras with maximum image detail and quality under extreme natural conditions in the Astrakhan region. A set of three video cameras was created to organize round-the-clock, multilayer recording. The main tool is the AXIS Q6034-E camera, which was selected for its unique functions. Arctic Temperature Control ensures connection of cameras at a temperature of –40 °C; Active Gatekeeper and Autotracking indirectly track watercraft. An AXIS Q1921-E Thermal Network Camera is used for surveillance under poor visibility conditions and at night. It is installed on a YP3040 Pan-Tilt Motor, which is controlled by an AXIS T8311 Joystick. AXIS Q1755-E Network Camera was selected to continuously monitor the ship channel and record registration numbers.


At the present time, only one fish conservancy post is equipped, but it is already having a positive effect. In particular, AXIS Q1921-E even allows the system to track watercraft in the reed beds of the Volga-Caspian Ship Channel.

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