Colombians dance the Cumbia protected by Axis network cameras

Gaira Café Cumbia House in Bogota uses HDTV cameras with infrared lights to monitor poorly lit spaces at night

“In Colombia, security in bars and restaurants is very important. This is why we decided to use IP cameras instead of analog ones. They are much clearer and have better image quality that allows us to zoom in on them. The task of recording video also became much easier. As Gaira Café Cumbia House continues to expand, we will continue using IP technology.” Milton Ramírez, General Manager, Gaira Café Cumbia House.


A mainstay of Bogota nightlife since 1998, this restaurant has become famous for its live tropical music, traditional food, colorful décor and party atmosphere. Its owners, the Colombian singer/songwriter Carlos Vives and his brother, Guillermo, saw the opportunity to convert it into in a central meeting point for the city’s artists, earning it the nickname “The Artists’ Café.” Constant worry about client security at the establishment led the owners to look for higher quality cameras than the analog ones that were being used.


Aiming to expand and improve their electronic security system, Gaira Café Cumbia House sought out Observer Monitoring, an Axis partner in Colombia. They recommended migration to an IP system of thirteen fixed infrared (IR) AXIS M3024-LVE and five AXIS M1013 Network Cameras, and one AXIS Q1765-LE Network Camera. Distributors Lince Commercial and Scansource – also Axis partners – collaborated on the project as well.


In addition to bringing a greater sense of security to its clients, Gaira Café Cumbia House uses the imaging capabilities of the new system to locate objects lost in dimly lit areas at night. The cameras are integrated into screens visible to everyone in the bar and also generate videos over their YouTube channel, GairaTV. Being outdoor-ready, the same camera models are found outside the entrance and on the facade in front of the bar, where they are in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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