Integrated security at SPF Paker using Axis network cameras

Fort Dialogue designed security and industrial video surveillance at SPF Paker’s production sites in Bashkiria

“When selecting cameras, the client tested multiple models from several manufacturers. The key selection criteria were camera reliability and image quality. As a result, the client decided on Axis products, which did the best job of solving the set tasks and meeting the company’s needs, in terms of both camera product range and camera quality.” Alexander Denezhko, Fort Dialogue.


Plant management was faced with the global task of providing integrated security for the entire company, including securing the site and protecting the lives and health of company employees, as well as monitoring production processes and finished product quality. With regard to these tasks, 3 objectives were identified for video surveillance: > immediate security of the site and onsite property > protection of life and health of both company employees and visitors > industrial surveillance of production processes


Industrial monitoring requires a high level of precision and detail, which is why these tasks required highresolution IP cameras and serious analytics for the resulting image. The client therefore chose fixed and dome IP cameras from Axis. HP data security systems were installed as the server, and the analytical system was based on Intellect software from ITV | AxxonSoft. The network was built using the company’s own fiber optic telecommunication system. Cameras are powered via PoE.


The first two stages of the project have been completed, including laying the network inside production buildings and setting up industrial surveillance. The next step is to install external and perimeter security surveillance and to upgrade the video data network.

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