Operating with a healthy dose of security

CentraCare improves patient care, strengthens security and fortifies narcotic storage with Axis network cameras

“Our employees firmly believe that the Axis cameras are there for their protection.” Bill Becker, Director of Safety and Security for CentraCare Health System.


In the wake of an extensive four-year growth period, CentraCare Health System has been working hard to coordinate safety and security measures across all of its facilities. Faced with a variety of aging legacy analog cameras, DVRs and difficult-to-secure pharmaceutical narcotics lockers, the central Minnesota collaborative healthcare group began searching for new security technologies to help maintain central oversight while mitigating risks to patients and staff.


Partnering with Pro-Tec Design – a Minneapolis-based PSA Security Network owner, security system integrator and Axis partner with Axis Certified Professionals on staff – CentraCare embarked on a multi-year, multipronged project that began with replacing its old access control technology with a Lenel OnGuard® IP-based system and led to migrating its analog CCTV system to IP video. Today, the IP-based security system is managed centrally through a Milestone XProtect® video management system and is being applied to a broad range of high-risk locations.


The benefits of IP video are widespread. The security department is now able to visually verify individuals opening drug lockers and mitigate problems with highrisk patients in ER rooms by monitoring their activity for signs of trouble. They can also provide remote support for high-action areas like the helipad and ambulance bay. And Axis’ Lightfinder technology enables security to watch over the infant ward while keeping lights low so newborns and their moms can sleep soundly.

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