Axis moves a maternity ward to IP at Alès-Cévennes

Axis network cameras are reassuring new mothers in the neonatal ward at the Alès-Cévennes medical center

“When we look into components, we always choose what looks to us like the best on the market. Since Axis Communications had already equipped our old hospital, it only made sense to revive the partnership. Today’s network camera systems’ flexibility and scalability provide a lot of advantages over analog video. Fast, easy integration and equipment that met specifications were crucial factors in choosing Axis.” Philippe Laurent, IT manager at CHAC.


With more than 26 beds total, the CHAC maternity ward has 6 neonatal beds. Over the years, the staff realized that separation after birth was always difficult and could complicate the parent-child relationship.


Cameras were installed in the neonatal ward to assist in the bond between mother and baby. Previously visible from a shared workstation, the images can now be seen on multimedia terminals in each room.


Recent studies have shown that with this system, called BbOnline, mothers who could see their newborns on a screen produced more milk than if they were isolated. Statistics also showed that the milk was of better quality. Further development is planned to allow the baby to hear its mother’s voice.

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