The Castel Girou retirement home moves to IP with Axis

Axis network cameras help keep the elderly safe at the Castel Girou retirement residence

“The idea behind the project was to support activity. If residents leave their rooms and get lost in the retirement home, or fall in the hallway, aides need to find and assist them as quickly as possible.” Gérard Karagozian, manager of SupervisionIP, an Axis Communications integration partner.


With more than 80 beds, the home cares for patients age 60 and over, whatever their level of independence, as well as people with Alzheimer’s disease. When there is an illness or another emergency, minutes count. Furthermore, some patients get lost in the establishment, which could lead to trouble.


Axis cameras have been installed in the building’s hallways, park and at the access to the residence. They are equipped with a motion detection system for quick intervention.


The establishment’s management is satisfied with the installation and the ease of using the images. Patients, their families and the employees feel greatly reassured.

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