Nencini Sport relies on Axis security for its stores

Retail store abandons analog technology for a new IP video surveillance system

“I have to say we are entirely satisfied with this solution, starting with the high quality of the images provided. Our data also confirms a drop in shoplifting and we’re sure that Axis cameras have helped achieve this result.” Simone Ferrigno, IT Manager, Nencini Sport SpA.


Nencini Sport was founded in 1985 and, over the years, it has become a key player on the national sports goods and equipment retail scene. The company needed to upgrade the video surveillance systems used in its stores. The existing systems used analog cameras which were unable to provide clear, sharp views of the monitored areas and the people; apart from failing to provide adequate support in preventing shoplifting, this also had severe repercussions on the company’s security standards.


The system chosen by Simone Ferrigno, the company’s IT Manager, with support from Multicore Sistemi, based in Prato, consists of various models of Axis IP cameras installed in a standard, coordinated manner in all the retail outlets, with each store being equipped with a local storage server for high-quality video capture and large monitors to act as a deterrent. Managers can access high-res images from headquarters and from any retail outlet using any kind of terminal, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone.


The adopted solution provided extremely reliable and discreet surveillance, without disturbing customers or the overall appearance of the stores. Integration of the surveillance system with EAS gates has significantly helped in reducing theft, enabling prompt action to be taken in cases of customers behaving suspiciously.

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