Power Soaps attains operational efficiency with Axis network video surveillance cameras

Installation condenses manual intelligence visits and enables management to focus on improving operational efficiency

“For a manufacturing facility with large numbers of employees, recorded video data has become an extremely powerful tool to gain insights into workplace practices. Our objective was to implement a surveillance system that goes beyond ensuring security and actually serves as a tool to enhance the overall operational efficiency. The cameras installed in our premises have helped us achieve these objectives effectively.” Krishnaraja Dhanapal, Director at Power Soaps Limited.


The Power Soaps management was looking for a surveillance system that would help them in multi-location remote monitoring. The core objective of the installation was to supervise the employee behavior and compliance, all from a central location. Further, Power Soaps required high definition (HD) cameras, in order to zoom in and monitor the shape and size of the soaps manufactured. The analog cameras that were installed earlier used to have bad connectivity and poor image quality. Therefore, the company needed a solution which would provide HDTV image quality and continued access from anywhere in the world.


Power Soaps has installed 137 Axis network cameras at their office premises and the three manufacturing plants. AXIS Q6032, AXIS Q6034, and AXIS Q6035 Network Cameras have been mounted for monitoring the entrances, main building and the entire facility. These cameras are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use and are high definition vandal proof cameras which can be used in varying light conditions.


The installation has been successful and facilitated Power Soaps to centrally monitor all the plants, especially to ensure consistent compliance of processes across locations. Real-time monitoring has reduced the need for senior authorities to travel to remote locations to monitor the plants. This has led to reduced costs and dependency on manual monitoring.

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