Axis network cameras stand guard over remote power plants

Cameras detect motion, monitor maintenance and daily operations, and deliver a dramatic drop in vandalism

“On a 100 megawatt wind farm, the revenue we make on an hourly basis is fairly significant, so if I can avoid being down for three hours for repairs because of vandalism or theft, then I have paid for all the cameras. We have seen that type of deterrence, and that is a huge return.” Augusto Di Maria, Director of Project Management, GDF Suez Canada.


GDF Suez is the world’s largest independent electricity producer, generating more non-nuclear electricity than any other provider. GDF Suez Canada operates two large 10-megawatt solar facilities and thirteen wind-turbine sites, each producing 10 to 99 megawatts of power. These sites are all in remote locations, so managing and securing them would be expensive and labour intensive were it not for modern networked security cameras.


GDF Suez Canada partnered with systems integrator Freedom Lock and Security to install and manage AXIS P3364-LVE Fixed Dome Network Cameras and AXIS P5534-E and Q6034-E PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) Dome Network Cameras at its wind and solar sites. The cameras record still images of the equipment for maintenance and management, and the PTZ units are set to “patrol” specified areas. In-camera analytics detect motion and trigger alerts, and the system is connected over fibre to central GDF Suez facilities, where the data is stored on two terabyte video servers running Luxriot VMS. GDF Suez staff can view the feeds on computers, tablets or smartphones.


The cameras have produced significant reductions in both vandalism and theft. Power plants use a great deal of copper wiring, and this makes them high-value targets for thieves. The cost of shutting down to replace lost wiring climbs quickly. GDF Suez found that preventing even one theft more than pays the hardware and operation costs of networked surveillance cameras.

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